An image has always been like a story to me, a never ending story.
Ever since my childhood years, I’ve been fascinated by pictures. I remember how I used to draw, redraw and copy postcards, book illustrations and landscapes.

My fascination with photography started a bit later. My Dad had a darkroom with various reagents and complicated equipment in it. With awe I looked at his magical process of transforming a roll of black tape into images of portraits and still lifes. Photography had enchanted me.
As the years passed by, I traded my crayons for sketch pencils and watercolors, my brushes for a computer mouse and graphic designing programmes. In the meantime, my Dad taught me how to use his old camera – a Zenit.
I took lots of pictures. First, I photographed wildlife and landscapes, but over the years, I felt unsatisfied. I began to understand that it time to start photographing people.

It was only when I met my peerless champion that I spread my wings.
Bartek Jastal is a wonderful man and a brilliant, award-winning photographer. He’s changed my way of looking at photography. Thanks to him, I learned that there’s a lot more to wedding photography (sessions) than stiff posing in the park, standard shots on benches and swings. Wedding photography should be about true feelings and having fun. Outdoor sessions started to be my favorite way of expression and allowed me to capture emotions.

I feel that a combination of styling, staging and the genuine feelings of couples in love fuel true creativity.
I find pleasure in capturing the depth of emotions, unraveling secrets and creating ambience.

Also, I take great care in processing image formation. I am a photographer and a graphic designer as well. This allows me to tweak each detail to perfection.
Since 2010 I’ve been contributing to the Bartosz Jastal PhotoGroup.

I am a member of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations that bring together wedding photographers: The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA).