The Bartosz Jastal Photo Group – we are a team of three photographers: Bartosz Jastal, Jedrzej Gaj and Tomasz Knapik.
For some time I had an idea of establishing a team of photographers. This idea became a reality when I met Jedrzej and Tomasz. Initially they started their careers as my assistants under my watchful eye. However during this period they also worked on some solo projects in wedding photography from which they received great reviews from satisfied clients. Apart from having photo sessions in Poland Jedrzej and Tomasz have also accompanied me to international photo sessions in countries such as Italy, Ireland, Germany and England.
Tomasz and Jedrzej’s preference in wedding photography is similar to that of mine – which is a type of photography called wedding journalism. This focuses on looking for the truth i.e. people’s emotions and real situations.
Confirmation of Tomasz and Jedrzej’s abilities in wedding photography was further enhanced  when they were accepted by the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalism Association). This is an elite international association that includes the best wedding photographers from all over the world.
During the last two years I have received more than sixty awards from the WPJA & AGWPJA for my photographs. I am certain that it is only a matter of time before Tomasz and Andrew follow in my footsteps and also experience some success. Due to these reasons I am delighted to offer you a service of the highest level. I am positive that our unique working relationship will enable us to capture the most important emotions and moments of your wedding day. Information about each individual photographer and a selection of our wedding and in addition non wedding photos, can be viewed in the Portfolio section. I hope that our photographs will show you that we are able to cater for all our customers’ needs. We are open to any suggestions and can meet any particular requirement. For details regarding the range and scope of our services please visit the Offer section of our website.
Bartosz Jastal